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Baby Axolotls Now Available

September 3, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Baby “Glow in the Dark” Axolotl


Baby “Glow in the Dark” Axolotl

The Axolotl, also known as a Mexican Salamander, is quite the interesting little critter! Available in several color morphs, the baby pictured here is “glow in the dark” and although he wont actually glow in the dark, he is black light responsive and will glow bluish-green!

Though critically endangered in the wild, numerous populations are raised around the world as pets, for laboratory research, and in some areas, even for food!

They are capable of growing up to about 18″ but 8-10″ is more common. They will eat a variety of food including pelleted diets, tubifex worms, wax worms, earthworms and even feeder fish. One common mistake hobbiests make is keeping them on the wrong type of substrate – because of their poor eye sight, they will often swallow the substrate when they’re eating leading to impaction and even death. Because of this either fine sand or large pebbles (bigger than their heads) and not average sized aquarium gravel.

We also have one “regular” black axolotl available today.

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